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August 26th, 2010 - meetyoutherecanada.blogspot.com

Hey people! How are u doing? I'm fine. And, in a way happy. My French classes returned, got a temporary job, thanks to the help of my dear uncle and slowly my life gets busier.
I these days without updates, because I have woken up early and sleep early and have commitments beyond work. And, still not used to the issue of sleep and laziness that gives, for little sleep.

A few days ago I saw this article, posted by Terra twitter site and found it interesting and nice to have a Canadian city as part of the 12 most beautiful in the world. Soon after Paris (1st place), is Vancouver. This is definitely one of the cities that one day I WILL KNOW. For pictures and videos that I have seen, seems to be a very beautiful city. Last year, a friend was in Surrey, near Vancouver and you can visit the city where I sent a postcard, guarded with care. See the whole list here

Another report I saw was the MoneySense website with a list of 10 Best Places to Live 2010 and 10 worst. Ottawa-Gatineau em 1º lugar, Moncton em 5º, Victoria em 8º e Winnipeg em 9º. Já na lista das piores, cada cidade foi por um motivo diferente, tipo desemprego, poluição, cultura, violência, etc. Among the list of the best, find the cities of: Ottawa-Gatineau at No. 1, Moncton on 5th, Victoria 8th and Winnipeg 9th. already on the list of the worst, every city was for a different reason, like unemployment, pollution, culture , violence, etc.. Williams Lake , BC (em 10º lugar), já na "categoria" Overpriced Housing a cidade listada é Vancouver , BC. Among the cities listed, At item crime (violence), the city was cited Williams Lake, BC (in 10th place), as in the "category" Overpriced Housing the listed city is Vancouver, BC. [I had read that it is one of the most expensive cities in Canada.], Unemployment in the city pointed list was Prince Rupert, BC, and the first place in the category culture the city Kenora, ON. that should be seen by a city without restaurants, clubs, bookstores, etc.. See complete lists: Best Places to Live 2010 and Worst Places

Source: brazucasnomundo.com.br

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