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For over 50 years,the possibility of working abroad is a reality,but you have to consider some factors before you pack.ACtitud50 advises you where to find work elsewhere with guaranteed success.

One of the reasons that stand alone when working outside Spain is the high rate of unemployment in our country,due to the crisis.However,the improvement of job opportunities is not sufficient excuse to embark on the adventure.

It is necessary,above all,reflect.With more than 50 years have to think about retirement,said Jorge Guzman,employment consultant."How many years have paid into Social Security? Order to receive the necessary retirement have,at least for 15 years. If you go to work abroad How will you complete the years of contributions to a pension?"

The job counselor explains that foreign contributions recorded in Spain according to the country where you work and the agreements on labor.trabajadores-trabajarenelextranjero United States can contribute to a Spanish worker adding the years worked in that country to those listed on the application to demonstrate our retirement.However,Japan has not signed any agreement on this and if your years of contributions do not exceed the years indicated,not entitled to any benefit from Social Security.

Maria Jose Martin,Director of Manpower,labor sector consultancy,says that the first thing to do when looking for work in another country is to study the labor market,unemployment existing forecasts of recruitment,professional profiles demand and adapt the curriculum to the needs of employer firms.

Professional Demand by Country

"In the EURES network many locations,sorted by country: Germany boasts more than 400, 000 jobs,United Kingdom,more than 300, 000; France,about 60, 000,and Sweden,about 40, 000. therefore are the most appropriate for one Spanish emigre,with the other three Nordic countries,"said Maria Jose Arias,representative of the State Public Employment Service (SEPS).

  • Germany is the country with more jobs for the Spanish.Among the most demanded professionals are senior engineers and technicians for industry,information technology,doctors and nurses.Also required technical profiles,as caregivers for the elderly,building trades or warehouse laborers.
  • United Kingdom: shortage of doctors,nurses and computer experts.
  • Scotland: demand healthcare professionals (biomedicine,bioinformatics and research) energy sector (oil,renewable energy generation) and financial services such as banking,insurance,pension and investment.
  • France: health and physical therapists,turners and millers.
  • United States: provide jobs in new technologies and in the automotive,textiles and energy.
  • Canada: you need technical engineers,nurses,chemists,statisticians and bricklayers,sheet metal workers,welders and assemblers.
  • Brazil,Chile and Colombia: they need qualified technicians in the oil business,technology,operating machinery,as well as consulting and information technology and financial sectors.
  • Asia: researchers and marketing experts.
  • India: Demand for technology profiles,sales and marketing.
  • China: applying computer and web designers,accountants,financiers,consultants and fashion designers.
  • Singapore: staff required in the financial and technology sectors,advertising and media.


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