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Alcoholics Anonymous Timeline
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Joining the fold ...

An alcoholic New York has a vision of how to achieve sobriety. Meet an Akron physician-minded. From his encounter emerge recovery program Twelve Steps and a book that will transform the lives of millions of people.

Bill and Lois join the Oxford Group

After his spiritual awakening at Towns Hospital (1934), Bill W. and his wife, Lois, join the Oxford Group, non-denominational movement that is based on the "Four Absolutes", honesty, purity, unselfishness and love, and attend meetings at Calvary House, behind Calvary Episcopal Church Manhattan. Here Bill is inspired by the charismatic pastor Dr. Samuel Shoemaker, emphasizing Plus magazine and personal guidance.

A business trip to Akron

Bill travels to Akron, Ohio for work. The hotel reception is fighting the urge to join the pleasant atmosphere of the bar. Browse a directory of churches put on the wall in order to find someone to give the name of an alcoholic to talk to. Talk on the phone with the Rev. Walter Tunks, Episcopal minister, putting you in touch with Henrietta Seiberling, Oxford Group member, who has spent two years trying to drive a fellow sobriety group, an eminent physician of Akron.

The group within the group

Bill is asked to speak at a meeting of an Oxford Group at Calvary House. Its theme is alcoholism and after the meeting, a man approaches and tells Bill that want to achieve sobriety. Bill invites you to join a small group of alcoholics meet at the nearby Café Stewart after the meetings. Bill's efforts to reach these alcoholics are not successful. But their ability to help alcoholics grows after receiving advice of Dr. William Silkworth of Towns Hospital, which suggests lecture less and talk more of alcoholism as a disease.

The first meeting

Henrietta Seiberling, daughter of the founder of the Goodyear Rubber Company, invites Bill to the residence of the Seiberling, where she lives in the gatehouse. He talks about the difficulties of Dr. Robert S., and the first meeting between the two men takes place the next day, Mother's Day, May 12, 1935. In the privacy of the library of the house, Bill tells his story and inspires the "Dr. Bob "to tell his. After the meeting several hours later, Dr. Bob realizes the spiritual support that occurs when one alcoholic talking to another alcoholic.

The first friendships in Akron

Bill Smith attends the weekly meetings of the Oxford Group at the home of T. Henry Williams and his wife, Clarace, both with great compassion for the sufferings of alcoholics. At the suggestion of Anne, wife of Dr. Bob, Bill is installed in the Smith home at 855 Ardmore Avenue (right).

Men with a mission

Dr. Bob has a relapse but recovers soon. The June 10, 1935, generally known as the day that Dr. Bob took his last drink, is celebrated as the date of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Dr. Bob and Bill spend hours to formulate the best method to reach alcoholics, famous for resisting group instructions. Realizing that sobriety seems more achievable if you take one day at a time instead of thinking about life struggle, they come up the concept of 24 hours.

Source: www.aa.org

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