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So many people every year decide to seek work abroad, tired of the Italian situation, which often does not offer opportunities for professional growth and career. One of the fastest growing areas of the world, especially in some sectors and working, is that of the South East Asia. Let us see how to find work in Singapore.

Working in Singapore

First, it is good to consider that in Singapore are available opportunity to work with different kinds and level. The professionals most popular are those that revolve around the world of finance and business, but also the information technology and engineering.


Because of the great distance that separates Singapore from Italy, it is obvious that the Internet and the resources offered by the network are the most practical to look for employment. Here are some useful sites for job seekers in Singapore:

  • Contactsingapore.org.sg
  • RecruitAsia.com
  • Worksingapore.com
  • Singapore.job-q.com
  • Jobscentral.com.sg

All offer jobs divided by sector and constantly updated, also provide many useful tips and information transfer.

A holiday on the spot

If you have the possibility, the best way to test the waters and make contacts is to take a holiday in Singapore. Once in place you can leave your resume directly to the company or companies the most interesting, depending on the job profile you have. Having a contact person rather than by mail with the leaders of different sectors benefiting especially those who speak fluent English and knows how to present themselves well.

Documents and saw

One essential thing to keep in mind (even before finding work in Singapore) is the bureaucracy : Necessary documents for expatriation, work visa, etc.. Depending on the time of stay in Singapore, the job you want to perform and also of income, regulation varies. For detailed information is good to refer to the website of the Immigration Checkpoints Authority of Singapore.

Advantages and Disadvantages

After you have figured out how to get a job in Singapore is good to clarify some differences that involves working in South East Asia rather than in Italy. As in all things there are advantages and disadvantages. Wages and the standard of living in Singapore are far superior to those Italians, especially for high-level professionals who are insured interesting extras including schools and health care for any children. In contrast, however it must be said that in Singapore you work more and leave during the year are few.

Source: lavoro.excite.it

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