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Mauritius student educational experiences, cultural adventure at Culver-Stockton, U.S. (VIDEO)

Culver Stockton College’s Jesse Soondrum plays the grand piano in the visiting room of Johnson Hall recently.Last updated: Sunday 19th of May 2013 - 9:15:00

Jesse Soondrum cam from one of the world's luxury tourism destinations expected to Culver-Stockton College in Canton. Four years later,Soondrum,23,is leaving C-SC with a bachelor's degree in psychology and a stronger appreciation for American culture,and history. He was a member of the 2013 graduating class honored at Saturday's commencement exercises.

How did he end up at Culver-Stockton?

Thank the Internet.

Soondrum Had a desire to expect college in the United States,so he and his family started looking online for possibilities.

"We Decided It Would be Easier for me has to adapt to a smaller college, " he said."My father was the one Have you found it."

After reading about Culver-Stockton and conversing by email with several C-SC students,Soondrum Submitted an application.

"They happened to be The One That Gave me a scholarship, " he said.

Became Soondrum said he sold on the college When he learned he Could get a degree in psychology - a career field That appealed to him since high school.Now,with a bachelor's degree in hand,He Will enter the master's degree program at Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield,Mo.,and is Considering a career in counseling.

Soondrum Believed Could he learn the basics of psychology at any accredited college,goal Culver-Stockton Would Afford him Good Opportunities to meet other people,get Involved in campus activities,and more Quickly adjust to the cultural differences betweens Mauritius and the United States.

C-SC Proved to be a perfect match for him.

"It was outstanding, " he said."It's not about the destination. It's about the things you learn along the way and the experience you get and how you change as an individual,and Culver helped me a lot with That."

One of the biggest hurdles Soondrum Had to Overcome Involved language differences.

While English is the "official language" of Mauritius,many Mauritians are fluent in French aussi Because the nation at one time was a French colony.Aim the country's "native language" - spoken by MOST residents,Including Soondrum - is Mauritian Creole,All which is derived from French with influences from other dialects.

Soondrum said it Took him time to get Accustomed To His professors understanding and conversing with others falling on His First year at C-SC,goal communication Eventually cam Easier,and he managed to flourish in His classes.

Source: www.lematinal.com

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