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The sound of now - 23/04/13

In England, nobody would have bet a pint on the West Midlands to provide the most fashionable thing of the moment. Birmingham is the home of Cadbury chocolate bars, the group Black Sabbath and a football forever threatened with relegation, Aston Villa ... Not long ago, the city still going for the most boring place in the country. But that's the past.

(Re) view report B-Town, as insiders call her, is in the process of moving. Or rather, it's groups like Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws that make the move. They are all from Birmingham and are well aware that the labels are not the type to go on forever in this concrete world. To find a group, the talent scouts prefer to invite a good old party given in a roommate.

Harry Koisser / Dominic Boyce / Sam Koisser, Peace

Harry: It was in her kitchen. Yeah, in the kitchen which also show.

Sam: A Edgbaston.

Harry: That's right. We had invited a few friends.

Sam: It was our Christmas party.

Harry: There was eggnog. And a talent scout for Columbia happened. There was also a bunch of teenagers. When everyone was completely done, I put "Who Do You Think You Are, " the Spice Girls. The guy from the record company said this is where he knew he was going to sign us.

Sam: So nothing to do with our performance.

Harry: That's right, nothing. The music that comes after!

>> Bonus: Peace Live "Follow Baby"

In the gray city, partying is very important. Apparently, for his songs like "Bloodshake" Peace has inspired local techno parties. Which is why they call their sound "Dark Melodic Indie Techno." That said, the exit services in the apartments with roommates, Peace happened in the big leagues. Last year, the group has given more than 200 concerts.

>> Bonus: Peace / Swim Deep

The players made the music scene in B-Town readily occur together, drink shots and are celebrated each interposed by tattoos. Those Austin Williams, singer and Swim Deep are the logo Peace, the group of his friends, but also the wave signature Swim Deep. We also find this pattern on the floor of their former land skate, outside the city center of Birmingham.

Austin Williams, Swim Deep

Before, there was an old factory. Great for skateboarding, because it is flat. It was often there in the summer, when the concrete becomes hot. We played it as if we were in LA

"King City" is the title that sticks to these sensations. A spleen hangover if one believes Austin Williams. For melancholia is often the part in the song Swim Deep. This is probably due to the concrete sadness of the city.

>> Bonus: Swim Deep Live "King City"

Jaws are the last small among young groups of B-Town. Group members are not yet old enough to be admitted to box. They took the opportunity to make acclaimed musical press with or Swim Deep Peace. But this is not to the liking of everyone.

Alex Hudson, Jaws

Some people who are not from here we say you all, if you is connected, it is because you just Birmingham. They are surely venerate because it is not their city and they do not play their music. Obviously, for us, it's a great publicity stunt. But it is clear here, the groups do not do shit, but really good music.

Indeed, all groups Birmingham rely on good old recipes of indie pop made in England. In their hymns alternate between euphoria and melancholy, there is talk of manly friendship, small imaginary friends and a sunny climate. Will magnify the most boring of the kingdom of His Most Gracious Majesty city.


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