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Tuesday 23 July 2013

While elsewhere still do not trust the mainstream media in Germany and out of cover and the report itself behind the horizon together brewing revolution, NASA obviously believes firmly. Unnoticed by the German public were 28 January 2013, the NARI Awards (NASA Aeronautics Research Institute) awarded. By the end of January 2014, researchers have the opportunity to "significant progress" to make the attempt, an aircraft with a drive LENR (low energy nuclear reaction) to get into the air. For this, the researchers will be supported with $ 150, 000 U.S..

This week is the 18th The ICCF Congress held in Columbia, Missouri. Googling what: No, that's not the World Chess Federation. It is a six-day international conference on Cold Fusion . Interestingly, the Congress is of the Italian Agency for New Technologies financed.

Ringing something? Rossi, the inventor of the so-called E-Cat is Italian, his long standing development laboratory in Bologna.

Any reactions in the German mainstream press? None. I have relatively little understanding that for a possible chance of developing an almost inexhaustible energy source is persistently ignored. Quite as absurd seems not to be the case when NASA believes it is possible to power aircraft with LENR. Perhaps it would be helpful to visualize the consequences that could have LENR. Both fossil, nuclear and renewable energy would be largely superfluous. Energy could be available everywhere, in virtually unlimited quantities. German wind power technology, engine technology, large power plants: a chance in all markets, for economic reasons alone. Berlin should the Economic Research Department and long alarm bells ringing! A few million research funds should be applied safely to make it to the test and buy a 1WM eCat and validate its performance in terms - or the realm of science fiction to banish.

Over the wire to the Chancellor, I have proposed the German testing institute BAM material should take care of it:

If you agree to my proposal, the Chancellor's Office has maybe with my question!

Update 12/08/2013: With your support, have already come out nine days before final over 300 people vote for my proposal. The contribution is therefore unassailable lead and was selected today for the answer by the Chancellor's Office. I'm excited and will report back!


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