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Helping People Enter the U.S. for Work

Have you been offered Preferred a temporary job in the United States? Are you an employer looking to temporarily employ someone from another country in the U.S.? In Either case, you are facing some strict and Potentially confusing immigration requirements.

At the immigration law firm of Miley & Brown in Dallas, Texas, we help Regularly Both U.S. Employers and foreign workers through the temporary work visa process. Contact us to discuss your temporary employment goals With An experienced immigration lawyer.

Representing Clients in All Types of Professions

Many different types of people are eligible for Potentially That temporary work visas allow them to enter the United States as nonimmigrants for employment purposes. These visas can be used by people who Intend to return to Their home country clubs as well as people who Eventually Intend to apply for employment-based green cards .

Although there are special visas for Un certain professions particularly, Generally, the type of job you do matters less than the details of the position You have been offered. We Represent all types of clients seeking temporary work visas, treats including the Following:

  • Information technology professionals
  • Teachers and other educators
  • Blue-collar laborers
  • Religious workers
  • Highly qualified academics and professionals
  • Intracompany transfers
  • Investors
  • And many other professions and occupations

If you are seeking a visa for temporary work in the U.S., Generally you will need to be sponsored by an employer. This Could Be That Already a company employs you in another country or an American company has offered Preferred That you a job.

Through Employers Guiding Foreign Labor Certification

In Addition to Representing prospective employees, We Also Represent Employers who are seeking to hire employees from Abroad with temporary work visas. In most cases, in order to hire foreign talent, you will need to complete the foreign labor certification process. We can guide you through the complex Requirements of this procedure.

Contact us to discuss how our attorneys can help you Pursue a temporary work visa for yourself or to current or prospective employee.

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