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Winter to rush around too much wasted time, I decided to retreat during Christmas, peace of mind to do some homework Aspect books.

Initially it had a great day down enjoyably, and nest in the outskirts of a friend's house, watching the thick tome, take notes, and even began a painting calligraphy. Dark early, the room warm and bright in the evening and then look at collections of feature films, are more usually will not touch the boring old classic films, anyway, a long winter time, I went to see a department. So stay at home, no party, no dinner, no complains carnival, I am a person quiet winter Christmas holiday is pretty otherwise flavor.

Sometimes festivals like hysteria, it will suddenly pop up to remind you something routine content, such as where to meet friends, the excitement about it, at least that there is another holiday greetings, or look cents outdated. Until Christmas day, I looked at the quiet cell phone, empty email, suddenly wondering Health, as well as bleak: how is not a holiday greeting or party invitation? People like this, you may reject the invitation, but it if missing, indicating that you have been forgotten, and also shows you behave bad - very cold indeed fact.

Then again dramatic yes, I actually quietly sick. From the angry, sore throat to severe cold, stretches up to more than a week, at this family celebration, party all the time, I was a cat in the house, day after day, and the cold winter in England, and the non-drive go physically weak to fight. Could not go on, I would like to send out point for help, shops closed, cold and rainy weather, so a friend sent point to eat and drink, medicines or something. But looking ahead, I can have the nerve to bother Which one do?

Who is your friend?

So, I had planned it very literary holiday away from the earth, and because of these dramatic plot and little melancholy brought me back to the earthly. I am also sad sorrow and pain of reflection, sea drift past few years, I have how business circle of friends, and I have a few friends in the end?

Seems to be more than friends, work, entertainment, and various occasions understanding, add not less, to say the number of people you know there should be dozens of bars. However, in the end how many considered good friends? I still best friends are still in the country, because the two sides together experienced a lot of things, many years of friendship, age circulation, the more sturdy. If you let me put this out on the overseas standard, very ashamed, I guess I really do not have much regarded as a good friend of a friend.

I just came back from the domestic, and old friends enjoying together under outright carnival entertainment, there is always a Gandanxiangzhao moved. At home you can always call a few friends to help you out siege, pay, first aid, car, whatever, you must be very good and do not worry about the meaning cheeky. Such a friend, you have it overseas? I am afraid that very few overseas we are cautious alive, and even friendship are also cautious, for fear of embarrassing excessive requirements, but also fear to tread this minefield, since friends are rare to do. After all, you and I are passing through, let's hit it a poly, not knowing tomorrow scattered lingers. But after all, you and I met not long, exchanges are not deep, talk about what people do bother?



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