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IEFP NETemprego - FAQ Candidates
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Using the service

What is IEFP NETemprego?

The IEFP NETemprego is a unique interactive service under the employment area, managed by the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP), totally free for users, with national coverage and running online, 24 hours a day through which essentially aims to provide:

  • The possibility to register in the Employment Institute as user and job seeker, getting your application assigned to the Employment Service of the area of ​​residence, as well as the opportunity to develop your online Personal Employment Plan;
  • The indication of your Manager Career in Personal Area;
  • For candidates already registered in the employment services, the ability to access the job application; communicate the changes they wish to recorded; consult and respond to requests for clarification / information and attached documents requested by the coach; communicate obtaining employment; communicate the change of address, request to obtain an attestation of their situation in employment;
  • Consulting jobs , to work in Portugal or abroad, in private or in public administration, in this case connected to the Public Employment Exchange (BEP);
  • Application directly to job offers domestic and abroad;
  • Preparation of various Curriculum Vitae (CV) and its disclosure with the possibility of introducing changes where necessary to improve employment prospects and their submission to authorities for the jobs available, possibility to indicate which is the main CV;
  • Use of automated research manager job offers that allows notification by email whenever there offers adjusted the search criteria you selected;
  • Acquisition of job search techniques , important for success in getting a job;
  • Information support in employment and access to their forms.

If I sign in IEFP NETemprego that have guarantees for the protection of my data?

Instruments at its disposal in the Employment Institute NETemprego you are offered and their quality and safety of access guaranteed by IEFP. By its very nature and purpose, the services provided require exchange of information, which can be considered, at one level, personal / confidential. However, it is responsible and which transmits the data subject, and can control the amount of information that is available, when and in what circumstances this may, or should, be made available to third parties. Thus,


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