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Living in Mackay | Life, Climate, and Time in Mackay Australia

Mackay is a small, tropical and quiet. It has about 90, 000 inhabitants, is located between Brisbane and Cairns and lately is experiencing a tourist boom due to its pleasant climate and nature of your surroundings.

The local economy is based on the cultivation of sugarcane, agriculture and livestock. Is enjoying economic growth thanks to the mining industry and is one of the best destinations for those who need to work: there are opportunities for all and local schools provide their students work.

The climate is tropical Mackay: warm sun and beaches, with average water temperature of 22 ° C throughout the year except the rainy season in December and January.

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Mackay is a perfect location close to islands, beaches, coral reef and rainforest. We start diving into the ocean and continue amazing islands, from Northumberland Island, Brampton Island is one for dream destination for travelers from honeymoon to Whithsunday Islands with his famous great barrier reef.
Approximately 30 km north begins Hillsborough National Park, where you can camp between mangrove forests and beaches. And we are moving us into a deep rainforest in the Eugenella National Park.

Vivir en Mackay Australia

Working in Mackay

Mackay is one of the main destinations currently working. The economic boom is summarized in many opportunities, from working in catering to farms.

The situation allows Mackay Mackay Language College offers its students a well paying job, providing a job on a farm to those who book at least 10 weeks of English course. On the farm could work picking, cleaning, packaging, etc.. and is paid between 19 and $ 22 per hour.

Contact us to discover the possibilities of studying and working in Mackay!


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