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"Raleigh Studios wants the entire site Francazal for a film studio"

Jacques Lavergne, Toulouse lawyer representing the American Society Raleigh Studios, reveals the original draft of his client installed on the former military base Francazal a huge studio film. The case is now in the hands of the prefect.

What was the genesis of this project?
This is Bruno Granja, architect based in Cugnaux movie fan and customer of my firm, who had the brilliant idea of ​​transforming the former military base Francazal into a recording studio for film. This is the type of person who is able to open all the doors. Armed with a folder and plans, he managed to convince American society location Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, the relevance of this project. Raleigh Studios already has seven studios in the United States and a studio in Budapest.

What are the advantages of the site Francazal the eyes of Raleigh Studios?
If American society is very enthusiastic about this project, it is precisely because it meets all the criteria: the size of the site first, 150 hectares. The buildings are tailored to their business, homes, offices as well as immense and deep premises that are ideal for building sets. In addition, the company enjoys the fabulous nature of this French region, the Pyrenees and the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Outside shooting are feasible in good conditions. The plane site Francazal track is also an asset that will allow flexibility to take off the helicopter location and bring the stars on the site location.

If this project is realized, how job creation are possible?
About 5, 000 jobs could be created, and not engineering jobs: hotel and catering, lighting, carpenters, costumers, designers ... A film school could be created to train staff. More generally, the impact in terms of tourism would also be considerable.

You became the legal representative of the company, what is your schedule?
On May 11, we sent the proposal to the Raleigh Studios Prefecture. I have an appointment tomorrow with the Secretary General of the Prefecture to talk about this project. It is the state which now must respond. My client is on the starting blocks: legal, financial and architectural study in 2011, upgrading the base for housing in 2012, and start shooting films in 2013.

Yet, it is a direction that aircraft took Francazal site, managed recently by the operating company SNC-Lavalin. The first company, Atlantic Air Industries, has signed with the prefect permission for temporary occupation ...
SNC-Lavalin can keep operating the track, but we want the whole site Francazal, including at least five hangars and the sector with offices and housing. It is not appropriate that this aviation company remains. A State to choose now. If he refuses to give us most of the site, we will create a film studio in Singapore and Midi-Pyrenees lose an exciting and extremely promising project in economic, social and cultural terms.

Interview by Agnes Baritou

The words of Jacques Lavergne were contradicted by Mayor Cugnaux, Philippe Guerin, who also supports the project to install a studio Francazal but believes entirely consistent with the development of aeronautical activities. "The company's studios might move to the area of ​​45 hectares, which is not yet used on the site Francazal, " he explained to us on June 7. The area operated by SNC-Lavalin is not concerned. Both activities could be undertaken simultaneously. "

Side of the state, the caution. "We'll know more tomorrow during the meeting with the project leaders, said a source close to the Prefecture in doubt as to the method used by them. There will be no turning back for the installation of Air Atlantic Industries on Francazal: we signed! Other aviation and other sectors companies also engaged in discussions about coming on the site. "In any case, " the decision on the project, which actually can be taken almost dream ministerial level. "

Source: www.objectifnews.com


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