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The Labour Force Survey (LFS) is an ongoing investigation and quarterly targets families that has been ongoing since 1964. Its main purpose is to obtain data of the population in relation to the labor market: busy, active, unemployed and inactive.

The EPA is performed on a sample of 65, 000 households each quarter, or, what is the same, about 200, 000 people. The first survey is performed every family is made of fixed interviewers personally by INE. Successive surveys can be made by phone or personally.

The reference period of the information is the week before the interview. EPA results are obtained and a half months after the end of fieldwork.

Review of the EPA in 2005

The March 30, 2005 the INE has revised the 1996-2004 EPA series to adapt their results to the increase of the population residing in Spain. This increase has been caused mainly by the increase of the foreign population, has been a major expansion in the total population and the corresponding categories of employment, unemployment and inactivity, with slight variations in rates.

The April 29, 2005 the INE has published the results of the EPA for the first quarter of 2005 that reflect the incorporation of the new European regulations, following the Eurostat rules, and improvements in the method of collecting information. The European standard specifies that EPA must include six new variables:

1. If the person's main job tasks supervises other workers.

Two. If you have a contract with a temporary employment agency (currently included already).

Three. The role played by the public employment offices in obtaining the current main job interviewee.

April. Characterization of overtime and whether or not paid.

May. Existence or lack of care services for dependents.

June. Perception wage or if prolonged absence from work.

It also includes the optional question on the amount of wages for the workers as employees.

EPA definitions

Assets: Those persons 16 and over who, during the reference week (the year preceding that in which the interview is conducted), supply labor for the production of goods and services or are available and able to join this production. They are divided into employed and unemployed.

Employed: Persons aged 16 and over who during the reference week have been working for at least one hour a fee in cash or kind or who have a job have been temporarily absent from work due to illness, vacation, etc..

The employed are divided into self-employed (employers, entrepreneurs and self-employed without employees) and employees (public or private). Considering the length of time employed are classified as full-time employees (with a usual working week exceeds 30 hours) and part-time (with a usual working week of less than 35 hours).

Source: www.ine.es

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