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Hotel Management Schools: The entire industry carved into the pan
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The four Indians and Pakistanis were in Einsiedeln literally on the street. Nothing to do, no money, no accommodation. So she had not imagined when she trained at the English hotel school in August 2003 - had taken "Suisse College School of Hospitality Management." Whopping 18, 000 francs they had already forked out in their home countries for the first half of the year.

In the second semester, they should learn the hotel business one on one to know in practice. "The placements we had to look for myself, " about a dozen students explained to the observer. Found they had only odd jobs in the kitchen, usually in Indian restaurants.

The care had to step

The four students who had not found a job were on the road. The school was closed. It only remained for them the way to care. They received interim assistance until they were taken back from college.

The hermit care is SP National Councillor Josy Gyr assumed. She is determined to college to offset these expenses. "It still does not come on to privatize profits and to impose the costs of the public, " said the parliamentarian.

Werner Koch, Member of the "college Suisse", contrary to the students. He had organized for all internships. Yes, he even sought a second place, when the first of the hotel management student was not acceptable. Only those without internship had remained which had run away anywhere. "If a student himself, the sports and convention hotel on the Stoos, nota bene, a four-star hotel, does not fit, I can do nothing, " says Werner Koch. This sports hotel is confirmed the departure of the student.

The criticism of the hotel management student goes even further: "The lesson is technically completely inadequate, " complains one of the interns. Some teachers treated the students like cattle, it prevails psychological terror. The two of them lived in a lot of small rooms with bunk beds.

The teachers are outspoken experts, Koch defends. Proof of this is that the "college Suisse" is connected to the University of Birmingham, which is one of the top ten UK universities. There, his students could complete a semester. The contracts were signed in April. "Where in Switzerland, except at the Lausanne Hotel School, students have such an opportunity?" Koch writes in a press release.

In the "partner university" unknown

While the reputation of the "college Suisse" has suffered at the Indian students, chef can be enjoyed at the University of Birmingham in impeccable Images: Here you do not know the supposed Institute Partners simple. Kate Chappel, Press Officer of the University, "We have no connection with this Swiss school."

The school is housed in the "Katharinenhof". Cook until recently this operation as a hotel and keeps its infrastructure for good. He shows the observer the rooms also willingly. The former hotel is indeed getting old, but clean. The majority of accommodation is furnished with two beds for students. To learning or working at a desk is not to think in miniature rooms.

Source: www.beobachter.ch

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