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Amy Winehouse: Private pictures at an exhibition in London | VisitBritain

A number of unidentified family photographs from the childhood and teenage years of Amy Winehouse this summer in a temporary exhibition in London to be seen.

Private Bilder werden im Sommer im jüdischen Museum in London zu sehen sein (Bild: Daniel Deme/WENN) Private images are seen in summer in the Jewish Museum in London to be (Image: Daniel Deme / IF)

The family has tragically deceased singer of the Jewish Museum in London's exclusive early access to the images for an exhibition on the occasion of the second anniversary of the death of Amy Winehouse on 27 July 2013 provided.

With the support of Amy's brother Alex and his wife, Riva, the exhibition will also show Amy's first guitar, her extensive record collection and her uniform from the Sylvia Young Theatre School. It will be seen, when she was five years old and radiant posing in ballerina tutu or a small Minnie Mouse dressed as Amy pictures of Amy.

Other snapshots show Amy in their teenage years, happy and relaxed when visiting South Gate Home, the home of her beloved grandmother Cynthia, who has greatly influenced in the direction of their jazz music, which she adapted widely in their music.

The exhibition is not only devoted to the short life of Winehouse, but also Jewish tradition and Jewish music. But special attention will be paid to the fact that the back-to-black singer on 14 Would have been September 30 years old.

Brother Alex shared his hope that the contact images would allow the public to take a look at the "real" Amy, but because of the character that distinguished it in the later years, had always been at the very forefront.

About the exhibition, he said: "Amy was someone who was incredibly proud of their Jewish roots and London-born When other families drove towards the sea on a sunny day, our family always turned towards the east, we were early and so.. there. Today we were not religious, but we were very traditional arrest. I hope that the Jewish Museum is the perfect place for the exhibition., the world will be able to see how Amy lived as part of a typical Jewish family. "

Abigail Morris, director of the Jewish Museum says: "Amy Winehouse was a hochtaltentierte, unique and inspired singer and she was a Jewish girl from North London It fits very well that the Jewish museum is in their beloved Camden the place. to tell their story in photographs. Especially against the background that they would become 30 years old this year. "

In a recent book about Amy Winehouse "The Untold Story by Choe Govan, " which was published as a serial in the British magazine "The Sun on Sunday" to Amy's longtime friend and hairdresser Alex Foden expresses: "Amy always told me that they believe to die young and that she knew that she would be a member of the '27 Club '. Foden Winehouse knew well, he had to bring her along her famous beehive hairstyle to life, to its trade mark made. He also confirmed the information that made the rounds after Amy's death, she had an unusual fixation and sympathy to short Cobain and Janis had Joblins famous infamous "27 Club".

Source: de.nachrichten.yahoo.com


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