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A stint in the UK is an opportunity to improve the knowledge of the language and to experience daily habits and cultures.

You can easily find a temporary job or "seasonal" it is important to organize in time: if you are interested in a summer experience is preferable to propose his candidacy earlier this year.
The availability in terms of time should be, as a rule, longer than a month. Only a few vacancies for agriculture include, at times, a commitment of shorter duration.
For some professionals, to be used in the fields of tourism and hospitality, may be required availability of six / eight months between March and October. Some experiences temporary work can, however, take place in any time of year.

Below we provide some useful looking for a temporary job in Britain. Please note that the addresses of organizations, services, associations and portals, if not mentioned in the text, can be found in the section Useful references at the bottom of the card.
Please consult the handout guidance Leaving informed with general information concerning:

  • personal documents
  • documents for vehicles
  • means of transport to reach the Country
  • sanitary norms and behaviors recommended for travel in health
  • protection of the traveler
  • currency regulations and customs
  • facilities for young people abroad

Getting around for an efficient search? There are various possibilities.

  • Check with the counselors EURES (European Employment Services - European Employment Services) in Italy or on the spot. EURES is a network of information services created with the objective of encouraging labor mobility within the EU.
  • Look for jobs through the portals and databases on-line. Usually ads are not in the Italian language and are advised to avoid sites that require a registration fee.
    Below is a list of sites through which you can seek employment in various sectors, in Europe and, in some cases, in the rest of the world:
  • - portal (in French) for research work in the world, with practical information and advice;
  • - portal (in French) dedicated to job vacancies around the world that highlights the most popular sites on the net. E 'can be found online deals, enter your CV, receive updates via e-mail, find tips for job interviews and letters of application;
  • - site (in English) containing job offers in various sectors;
  • - site (in Italian), which collects job listings in various areas, with the ability to search all over the world;
  • - site (in English) that contains vacancies all over the world;
  • - portal (in French) with job offers in various sectors, allows you to search based on the type of use in the employment sector or location. It also contains tips for submitting an application;
  • - portal (in English) for research work in various locations, with the ability to insert your CV;
  • - search engine (in French) for jobs in the world. And 'possible to insert your CV and receive updates via e-mail;
  • - portal (in English) that collects jobs in various areas and pay particular attention to uses that require knowledge of multiple languages;
  • - site (in French) devoted to job offers that allows you to search all over the world. Clicking on the country of interest are reported to local sites from which to start searching for another more focused. On the website you can also submit your CV, receive updates via email and find tips for job interviews and letters of recommendation or information about the types of contract and the rights of workers;
  • - search engine for summer jobs around the world, in any professional field. The ads can be in English or in the language of the country of reference;
  • - portal (in English) for the search of seasonal work around the world.

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