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London competition in Silicon Valley, manual Who?
Eric Van Der Kleij, CEO of Tech City Investment (£ 2 million annual budget).

The Tech City project to build a "Silicon London" ranked third Tech City in the world , after Silicon Valley and New York, as told by its promoter. This project initiated by David Cameron was born in February 2011, with 5 people in the government relay.

To give ideas to Fleur Pellerin, on the eve of government formation.

"In November 2010, the new government realized that the cluster of East London, the" Silicon East London ", grew well. He wanted to boost growth. So we worked on a development strategy four objectives. Firstly, it was to listen to the companies located in East London, we asked how the new government could boost growth. Our first mission is to listen to these companies onc.

Our second mission is the inward investment, ie to attract entrepreneurs to start-ups like Airbnb or Yammer to London for their international development. They are targeting the right people at the right time. For this, we have four people in the U.S., San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and New York. These are the four cities that concentrate venture capitalism and the tech business, whether technological or creative. The third focus of our work is to attract venture capitalists and business angels. For this we make roadshow and we invest in events that attract as Web, which is implanted in London in June, a magnet for the VC. The fourth axis is the most important. It concerns the people themselves. This is to ensure that when a talented engineer, or other creative approached by a headhunter who offered him the job to China or India to London, the person opts for London. Our city needs to build a magnetic, cool picture. It should attract major events to get the message with interviews such as the one we drive together, and create communication tools.

We have established, which crosses all conversations in real time with our business on Twitter. It is a tool that we have created, but it belongs to companies in the tech City, sums it up pretty well also our philosophy. This gives the image of the activity of our environment. It is also to build relationships permanently, to allow businesses easy access to major financial and commercial market that is London.

By being open, building relationships, it helps in the implementation of companies in Tech City. We operate as an open development platform, but it is actual companies and offices.

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