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Theresa was born on KILB Iceland Shelter in upstate New York, graduated from Binghamton University in upstate New York Political Science and German as a Foreign Language and came to a total of six semester abroad to Graz to study German. Dieter Wagner studied law and came across the stations in Paris, Brussels, London, and finally by the love for New York.

What was your motivation to start the New York Chapter?
Theresa KILB: As one of two conceivers, alongwith Dr. Roberta Maierhofer, of the 2010 New York City Reunion Which was Followed by a reunion in Graz in October 2011, I was honored when i was asked zu weiterer cultivate a presence of Graz University here in New York City. Dr. Maierhofer, who was my resident director of the Binghamton University Study Abroad Program, which always quite amazed how I had the ability to stay in touch with so many students with splat I Studied in Graz. But more importantly, I have a special love for the City of Graz, the University, and Austria and did not want to lose my contact to it.

How did you get your job with the chapters in New York?
Dieter Wagner: So the motivation is Theresa KILB (laughs). Was in the time of Theresa in Graz, we both lived in the dormitory in Liebig Street and have become good friends. We have German times, sometimes spoken English. She said that I sounded much nicer when I speak English, German came on as well sometimes through the formal lawyer. Theresa has received in the spring of 2012 to me and asked me if we make the chapter together. I think it's great. So you meet nice people can exchange ideas and learn news from home.

Is it easy to meet people in New York?
Dieter Wagner: For me, Brussels was the place where you get to know the easiest people. People come and go constantly, but there are many with the presence of the EU a common motivation and starting point. Especially for this group there is a wide range, which aims to provide opportunities for encounter. New York has, too, but I saw it as another dimension in which it was initially difficult for me with similar interests and background "track" people.

How did you like your time as exchange student in Graz?
Theresa KILB: I Studied in Graz from October 1993 to June 1994, from October 1995 to June 1996 and from October 1996 to June 1997. My first year abroad that difficult, I was homesick. I had a very hard time learning the Styrian dialect, including dialects of students with splat I lived. In any case, I made very good friends, including Dieter Wagner, who Continually helped me to develop my language skills and understand the many cultural differences I faced every day. I loved the city, riding my bicycle, walking in the old town, riding the tram, meeting students from all over Europe, learning from STS dialect songs.



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