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Tips for choosing Australian city

When you already have decided to study a season in Australia,usually always see the same question: What city do you recommend?y los criterios cambian inevitablemente. It is quite subjective,each person is different and the criteria inevitably change.A student may base their choice on the weather while another is crucial that there are many job opportunities ... Take you these rankings we have developed as a guide,but inquire diligently of what each city with Student Manager AUssieYouTOO

Then I discussed one aspect that we are critical and we hope to shed some light on your decision.

Dando por supuesto que os gusta el buen tiempo,las ciudades con más días de sol son Perth,Brisbane y Gold Coast. Climate. - Assuming that you like good weather,cities with more sunny days are Perth,Brisbane and Gold Coast.Then go Sydney and,without doubt,the worst weather (cold in winter and very changing the rest of the year) Melbourne takes him.Personally,we were Brisbane and Perth GC before,temperatures are more moderate

1 Brisbane,Gold Coast 1st,2nd Perth,Sydney 3rd,4th Melbourne

Las grandes ciudades se llevan la palma en este campo. Career Opportunities. - Big cities takes the cake in this field.The opportunities are greater and large enterprises,but often have a presence throughout the territory,move more by Sydney and Melbourne,in that order.It is Perth,which is growing dramatically,almost on par with Brisbane.Gold Coast last we left for work in the city is very much based in the tourism sector,so there are times where it is more difficult to find employment,especially from June to September.

Sydney 1st,2nd Melbourne,Perth 3rd,4th Brisbane,Gold Coast 5 °

Hemos considerado el orden inverso,es decir,más interesante que el coste de la vida sea bajo. Cost of living. - We have considered the reverse order,ie more interesting than the cost of living is low.It's a bit difficult to assess very accurately this point because sometimes the cost of living is high but wages are commensurate with that cost.For us,the ranking would be as follows (from least to most expensive):

1 Brisbane,Gold Coast 2nd,3rd Melbourne,Perth 4th,5th Sydney

Si tenemos en cuenta los viajes que haremos una vez en Australia,Perth es increíblemente barato para volar a Asia (vuelos por 200$ a Indonesia,Singapur…) pero al resto de Australia son bastante caros. Flights. - If we consider that we travel once in Australia,Perth is incredibly cheap to fly to Asia (flights for $ 200 to Indonesia,Singapore ...) but the rest of Australia are quite expensive.In this case,we believe the best option is to have a good connection with the rest of the country and Spain,so that cities with higher prices (average) and more likely to travel are:

1 Sydney,Melbourne 2nd,3rd Brisbane,Gold Coast 4th,5th Perth

Si os encanta la fiesta,la playa,el surf,los deportes,los parques temáticos… este es vuestro país Free time. - If you love to party,beach,surfing,sports,theme parks ... this is your country But to help you choose,keep in mind that there are more options in Melbourne or Gold Coast.First it is the city of cafes,theaters,sports and culture par excellence of Australia.The second because it has a nightlife as bumpy and lots of beaches close to the waves rock it ...


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