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Canadian diplomats strike upgrade impact tourist visa
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WASHINGTON July 30, 2013 Reuters (Epoch Times reporters season Weiduo Lun multi roundup) Canadian diplomatic personnel stationed overseas embassies and consulates strikes upgrades, approximately 150 personnel responsible for the diplomatic visa service strike, resulting in 15 embassies Consulate stop processing visa applications, which greatly affected the Canadian tourism industry and educational institutions dependent on international students, issued a strong criticism. According to the "National Post" reported that 15 countries embassies abroad Canadian Foreign Service officer, Monday (the 29th) to enter the strike state, which is labor dispute since the 26th after the breakdown of negotiations, the union to take the most practical action.

The original only Canadian Embassy in Beijing, New Delhi, Mexico City Embassy diplomat stop business visa, added 29th in London, Paris, Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi) and Shanghai and other major cities and consulates.

Diplomats strike impact tourist visa

Professional Association of Foreign Service (Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers) President Edwards (Timothy Edwards) said that as of last Sunday evening, the Canadian Foreign Service Staff Union embassies have stopped processing thousands visit visas, temporary employees and students visa services. The strike is expected on the Canadian tourism potential losses, up to 280 million yuan.

Edwards said the union has never once in all 15 embassies shut down the service. He said that the strike would go far beyond the loss of Canadians expected. He added that not only the tourism industry suffered heavy losses, as a student visa, visa delays seasonal workers, tertiary education institutions and the agricultural sector will also be affected. He said: "resolve our disputes, the government will spend 4.2 million yuan."

Canadian Tourism Association chief executive Mikhail Zi Tan (David Goldstein) issued a statement on the association leave the mediation process, as well as diplomatic personnel deliberately choose this time to strike was disappointed, because the existing tourist and student visa processing is the peak period. Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that all embassies and consulates will open as usual, the staff refers to the question is no indication the strike could be resolved, both sides stuck saw.

Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada President David Johnson (Paul Davidson), said foreign students, their families and the reliance on international student's educational institutions have been seriously affected, if these students can not get a visa, will not rule out to other countries, such as United States and Britain. He was worried that the event detrimental to Canada's reputation, calling in addition to Treasury Secretary Gan Lai Man (Tony Clement), the Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade Minister, Immigration Minister to join mediation.



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