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Different alphabets (they said they wrote my name, lol)

I thought about writing this post since the beginning of my English classes in Brasshouse Language Centre in April. Just started now, seven months after finishing studies - and have some "school holidays" ... When you're alone in a different country, colleagues course become essential. As much as the cultures are different, all are in the same situation: far away from family and friends, left behind a routine (at least temporarily), use the off season to get another moment of life, studying English for some purpose and feel through aliens amid another culture. Identification is shown.

“: Colômbia, Espanha, França, Alemanha, Áustria, Suíça, Itália, Polônia, Estônia, Moldávia, Rússia, Turquia, Irã, Arábia Saudita, Paquistão, Bangladesh, Quênia, Algéria, Tailândia, Coréia do Sul, China e Japão . New countries joined - or had reinforced its brand - in my "emotional map": Colombia, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Estonia, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Algeria, Thailand, South Korea, China and Japan.


My experience in London was very different. I spent just one month, and there were so many different nationalities: Brazil, Colombia, Russia, South Korea and Turkey. The English course could even have an important role in the future, but it was not the only concern of the moment. Most worked - up to two jobs, as in the case of Colombia - and was always looking for a better job and a better place to live. Trips to other European capitals in Findis were frequent. Party or pub, only when giving time, because the work was hard during the week. And I was a student in the morning and afternoon tourist - delicious!

It was more or less what I imagined to find in Birmingham - with change that afternoon, I have a work she! Turistar only the first month. Birmingham but is not London. London is London, England is the rest.

My colleagues of the FCE (First Certificate of Inglês, which I attended in the first term, despite having a certificate) already knew from previous quarters and received me very well. But a strange feeling. Almost no one worked - just my Colombian colleague had jobs.

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