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How to find a job in London?
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"It's easy to find a job in London?" It is a very common question that many people have put me. The answer depends largely on the type of job you seek and the skills that you have. But let us first the facts:

- Yes, it is true that there are a lot of jobs in London;

- Yes, it is true that the minimum wage is £ 5.50 an hour;

- Yes, it is true that having several multinational companies in the capital, they need people who speak other languages, inclusívie the Portuguese;

- But it is also true that employers give preference to the British people;

- It is true that even if there is a Briton to fill the vacancy, the native language of English (American, Irish, Australians, South Americans, Canadians, etc..) Are the second preference of employers;

- It is also true that there are many Britons to speak several languages, inclusívie the Portuguese;

- It is true that in situations where employers prefer to hire a foreigner is also because they want to pay a wage lower than it would if it were a Briton.

- It is true that employers prefer to hire a foreigner who has experience working in the UK than one that only has experience abroad, or even worse, you do not have any experience anywhere.

Having the above in mind we need to consider two very important things before making any decisions about leaving the country of origin, to venture to come to try their luck in the UK:

- They must have some kind of qualification or experience they can use as a distinctive feature compared to other people bidding for the type of positions you;

- They have to be absolutely sure that they want to go abroad more than anything and we will not give up easily.

I think it is appropriate at this stage to distinguish the types of opportunities they can achieve and what they can do to try to achieve depending on the type of experience they have and the job you want:

Profile No.1: Do not have much experience or qualifications and are not fluent in English

People who are in this case we want to even come to London advised attempt to find employment and accommodation around both areas 4, 5 or 6 London as they have to consider that will not be likely to find a job that pays very well early on when soon live outside of central London will be the most sensible option as the room rates are much lower than in more central areas. In this case you may also want to avoid applying for jobs in the most central areas because the cost of daily transportation will be too high and therefore will not compensate.


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