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Recently, the reporter from the British education official micro-Bo was informed that since April 2013, the completion of a Ph.D. student in the UK after graduation 12 months to find a job or business in the United Kingdom. This means that during the doctoral student can concentrate in school to complete their studies and scientific research, and have plenty of time to find a suitable job in the UK and work experience.

Not easy to find a job, could accumulate more and more overseas work experience? Reporter recently learned that, in addition to Dr, the British government has also introduced many policies to give students more opportunities for jobs and internships. April 6, 2012 began, students after graduation through the following two ways to apply for work in the UK: apply for a second visa or apply for the first level of hierarchy (graduate entrepreneur) visa. The second level of visa applicants will get approved by the UK Border Agency issued a guarantee of employment agencies notice in skilled jobs and meet the prescribed minimum salary (varies due to type of work). The category is no limit on the number of applicants, the applicant can work in the UK three years and may be extended. Applicants for the first level (graduate entrepreneur) visa applicants, students need to participate in the visa waiver program in the UK higher education institutions received a bachelor's degree, and received the agency's guarantee. British government will in the first year of such visas issued by 1000, and another 1000 visas will be issued in April 2013 after the completion of MBA students. Applicants can get the initial 12-month visa, if willing to continue to guarantee security agencies, will be postponed for 12 months.

In addition, graduates may also apply for the "fifth level" temporary work visa. But the "Level 5" temporary work visas must first leave the UK, in the overseas application, if the student has engaged in postgraduate training or degree related work, then you can turn the UK into a "fifth level of government permits exchange category." "Level 5" temporary work visa applicants will be required to obtain approval by the UK Border Agency's employment notices issued by security agencies, and through the points-based assessment. "Level 5" work experience and internships category can apply for 12 months, while others in the scientific and medical aspects of the research and training classes can be up to 2 years.


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