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Mazda cars in Chungli Corporation, a whole row of parked car MAZDA not surprising that Mazda has a unique automobile industry in Taiwan, the first female CEO Zhu Meijun sixth grade, she was employed from about six months of temporary employees to do onwards, all the way to strive competent senior managers positions. As a foreign company to mobilize rapidly, in December, she was transferred to the mainland would Changan Ford his new role, but she felt seat is not important, it is important at every seat, the value and contribution made ​​by ...... [2012.12 Text / Liangyun Fang, Yang Yuhao Photography / Hsu] In the automotive industry masculine flavor, the Zhumei Jun CEO than men as women know better car, her 16-year career, has never left the automobile industry. Liu was economics into the community's first job was at Ford Motor's personnel department as a temporary employee, the way to achieve Taiwan's Mazda's CEO. Her analysis of their own success with some opportunities, but also from continuous learning, emphasis on teamwork, and good business relationships. Looking for fun challenge to take the initiative and answer
Zhumei Jun arrived in Ford Motor, even when the temporary employee's contract is six months, she did not take it seriously, seriously grasp every moment of life in the workplace. After the expiry of the competent referrals as she entered the manufacturing department imported materials management specialist. She has been to maintain a strong curiosity, encountered do not know a thing, would have learned will help in the field, because there is this to get things done in the heart, but encouraged her like a sponge, absorbing all kinds of knowledge, continuous learning. Zhumei Jun believes that learning can not be passive, to take the initiative to look for fun and answers, uphold this endless motivation, she received more and more tasks and challenging job. She remembers himself as imported materials commissioner, the first foreign branch staff received a telephone inquiry in English, when she was shocked, I do not know how to reply directly to hang up the phone, but through the sudden call, so she deeply felt lack of English proficiency, but also think the company is a foreign-based management, the future of the company to be developed, English proficiency is absolutely critical. Zhumei Jun determination to overcome, so take the initiative to go to the neighborhood Catholic church, with the consent of foreign nuns agreed three days each week to teach her ​​English conversation and writing, 1, 2 years, foreign language skills have been manufactured with the then Department of foreign nationality Deputy Mr.Cruickshank communication. Zhumei Jun motivation to learn English is to let yourself grow somewhat, but because interaction with foreigners vice good relationship, so she's learning to the next level. When the vice president that she would dream of studying abroad and gave her a foreign university and Ford Lio Ho has cooperative education roster, told her to take study and will endeavor to assist, so studying abroad is no longer a dream, but must be completed learning path. Soon after, Zhu Meijun leave without pay to secure the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in Birmingham, UK, a year after successfully obtained an MBA. After studies abroad, Zhu Meijun returned to the familiar automobile industry, thought will go to manufacturing at the office, but the work of expatriate assignments deputy is she fully understand the car factory, and all-male crew. Fortunately, she grew up in has four brothers, under a brother's family, parents will raise her as boys, to develop her Zhilaizhiwang personality, coupled with the very clear logical thinking men, to interact with men good, so even into the beginning of the factory employees Zhumei Jun unco-operative, crowding and rebound attitude, she still have a way to Care communicate with empathy, and is used to ask the other way to resolve the doubts. Do not flaunt personal style heroism each team member are heroes
Zhu Meijun understand that if factory workers against her, she can not competently, it would hold a learning center, harvest far more. She humbly ask for advice, factory workers also told her many car key factor in the production process and the importance of part quality yield, prompted her to quickly improve production efficiency, to help improve productivity. Head extremely satisfied with her ​​performance in the factory management, and even deliberately promoted her as director, but the factory management is not planning her life, so declined, return logistics department plans to import the global system. Inside conduct this system into Zhumei Jun tasted frustration, once wanted to give up the job. Other countries to build the system, the team members about 7, 8 position, at least put 2 to 3 years, but she was responsible for the Taiwan team only five members, in order to meet time to market for new cars, but also required by law to complete in a year and a half , the pressure is evident. "My task is to complete the logistics to import, you can have one on my own account, and the ability to maintain the value of the work, as to the future, I can decide." Based on this belief, Zhu Meijun choose to accept the challenge and completed a global logistics import plan, leaving the self-worth. Prior learning experience, Zhu Meijun already know the importance of teamwork, after completion of the Global Logistics import plan, leaving her team realized that there can not be a hero among doctrine, the team has been able to succeed, every one by the members of effort, rather than a person's ability. Zhu Meijun that, as a leader, you must take good care of each and every member, as members happy, will do a good job, and thus enhance the team and corporate performance, but too much emphasis on individual colors of the team, will affect the work of other members and the overall mood Performance. Convinced that the spirit of the brand to create a unique brand value Zhu Meijun long held senior positions in the manufacturing sector, are understood by the production, manufacture, and no sales, marketing and brand-related experiences, perhaps ready to give opportunity to people, and later head of the marketing department arranged for her to enter directly against the competition in the market . Into the marketing department, she has become a new people, who spent a month because not understand why a lot of promotional funds, but can not reach sales targets? She began to ask and urge to do their homework, and this time she did not know, can not rely on selling cars bargain, nor is it good to sell out performance car must start the brand spirit, consumer value to proceed, the original brand of the layers around elements, including the setting of target groups, sales channels, field service, PDI service, service, achievement rates will affect the results. From manufacturing into the sale, and then into brand marketing, Zhu Meijun solid course for three years, she was very proud of the Mazda brand marketing and management for maintenance, she constantly tries to open up in the marketing department with ease. Because outstanding performance in the marketing department, Zhu Meijun later promoted to Mazda CEO. After taking office, Mazda faced a direct response to the appreciation of the yen raised the issue price of the car, performance results monthly decline, the marketing team that is the price issue, but Zhu Meijun not think that because of consumers' buying motives, she found the original purchase Mazda's consumption structure has changed, has been adjusted to the same customer base with the Volkswagen Fox, so positive changes in the Mazda brand elements, re-branding elements and enhance brand spirit, and actively communicate with the dealer brand strategy change. Stress relief tips do today completely emptying out of the office Zhumei Jun's father was a primary school teacher who is also her greatest influence. Talking about dead father two years ago, she can not help but pan-tears eyes, remembers that her father never gave her pressure can only hope that their daughter flies happy, happy. Only as a teacher's daughter, not a disgrace to his father invisible pressure is not small, but it shares the pressure but internalized Zhumei Jun readily release the pressure to develop a skill, she knows pressure must be released at any time, you can not hoard to brave taken Next. So now Zhumei Jun will not work home, in the office as much as possible to complete her work long hours, work until ten at night, but just leave the office, she would "vent" completely not want to, do not see the company anything, completely let yourself relax, rest. Saturday and Sunday will never touch the work, not at home burning table dishes, ask family and friends to taste good workmanship is Caicai treadmill, or drove to the outskirts of casual walk. Done today completed the core of her stress relief, but she emerged from my live the key value. ※ Look at all the health magazine full content entities edition December 2012 No.
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