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,c'est ça être client mystère . Eat for free and be paid for it, that's being a mystery shopper.This is London!has tested and recommended for those looking for additional income.Read this article to find out where to register.,c'est à dire vous avez à évaluer la rapidité du service dans un restaurant. I tested missions in teaching the most famous fast food burgers, ie you have to evaluate the speed of service in a restaurant.Basically,you arrive you time duration to get your burger,then you eat it and it's all for the mission field.Simply ask for a receipt,take a picture for proof,once you download the picture + answer a couple of questions with yes / no answers and write two (it takes 5-10 minutes).If you want a job in London,it can help you out.

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How to find a job in London?London offers many opportunities even without speaking English fluently. Positions recruiting for:

: C'est peut être le travail à Londres le plus difficile physiquement,les 40h de travail par semaine sont souvent dépassés,mais les pourboires ( tips ) peuvent vous redonner le sourire. Servers committed in a restaurant in London: This is perhaps the work in London more physically challenging,the 40 hours of work per week are often overwhelmed,but gratuities (tips) you can smile again.It's not like in France,here the tips are widely practiced.Where to look?ou directement auprès des restaurants/cafés. through recruitment agencies for the most qualified as Off to Work or directly to restaurants / cafes.Idea: CV stroll hand in the districts of Soho and Covent Garden.

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Déposez vos CV en ligne,à Londres,les grandes chaînes recrutent par Internet (Primark,Debenham's). Seller Shop: Post your resume online,London,the big chains recruit Internet (Primark,Debenham's).Pensez aussi à déposer votre CV sur les marchés de Noël dès leur ouverture,il ya toujours des 'chalets' qui recherchent leur personnel. Camden is full of independent shops always looking for vendors (just walking in the neighborhood.) Find a job in London at Christmas? Also remember to post your resume on Christmas markets when they are opened,there are always' cottages 'looking for their staff.

Vous serez logé/nourri/blanchi chez la famille d'accueil et avec un indemnité à hebdomadaire en échange de quelques heures de baby sitting. Au pair in London: You will be housed / fed / bleached with the host family and a weekly allowance in exchange for a few hours of babysitting.,parfait pour profiter de la vie à Londres. The weekly allowance is around £ 60-100 per week, perfect for enjoying life in London.The vast majority of au pairs met in London are placed by agencies in France.. A free online agency including several past and is satisfied Aupair World.

(testé par Voilà Londres!) : Un travail à Londres qui fait appel à votre langue natale,le français pour effectuer des études de marché dans des call centers à Londres . Telephone interviewer (tested That London!): Work in London that uses your native language,French to perform market research in call centers in London.This is called business (B2B) or consumer (B2C) to conduct telephone surveys.The advantage,you do not sell anything,so no need to have experience to be hired.Namely,your schedules are based on French time,so schedules are often 8h-17h on weekdays (B2B) or 16h-20h and 10h-17h week weekend.). It may be that you are working 7/7 days a week for you to communicate your availability to your employer (usually,it is necessary to at least be available at least 4 days per week).


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