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Labor inspections averiguam hiring Portuguese to work in England
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The Authority for Working Conditions (ACT) and the British counterpart are to ascertain the circumstances in which they were hired for a work in Birmingham 106 Portuguese workers, most of whom have returned to Portugal, it was announced today.

The information was provided by Lusa office of the Secretary of State for Communities, who has been following the case since the first complaints of workers and asked the ACT to investigate the case.

"ACT and counterpart British are trying to clarify the whole situation, regularity of employment (...) if [workers] could be hired in those terms, if there is an employment contract. Everything from the beginning of the process, " Lusa said Cristina Pedroso, the office of the Secretary of State Joseph Cesario.

At issue is the case of 106 workers recruited by a company in Portugal, Bespoke Recruitment Services International, for a contract in Birmingham and only seven of which are currently in place.

The rest returned to Portugal in groups and different dates, some willingly found that when the working conditions were not what expected, because others did not meet the requirements demanded by the contractor and others in Birmingham because the company reduced the number of workers ordered, told Lusa the recruiting company and the workers.

Workers complain that they have not met the assumptions of the contract they signed with the company, but Cristina Pedroso, who is monitoring the process from the consulate of Portugal in Manchester was called by officials, says workers have no copy of this contract.

Recalls that when the employee of the consulate asked for a copy of the contract to the employer company, has supplied "what appeared to be an agreement between the companies, from a temporary employment agency and a user company."

This contract, stressed, was sent to the UK authorities, who are cooperating with the ACT to clarify the legality of the process.

The workers were recruited by Bespoke Recruitment Services International, based in Estoril, but the contract has been signed with Bespoke Resources & Recruitment Limited, headquartered in London, to work for the company Volker Laser, which provides construction services.

The work in Birmingham, commissioned by the city council, is delivered to Amey, a major British construction company specializing in public works.

"The problem is that there are often hiring cascade, , which results in a total unaccountability all companies, " said Cristina Pedroso.

Source: portocanal.sapo.pt

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