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You like Steve Jobs? You'll love Jeff Bezos
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"He is possessed." Its bright office overlooking the harbor ferries in Seattle, Nick Hanauer loose the word be angry if it was malicious. Yes, his friend Jeff Bezos is "possessed." "Everything he does is to work. It never stops." Today almost billionaire Nick was the first to invest in Amazon, Bezos outside the family. It's even in his Seattle home that Jeff has put his cards one day in 1994. Nick dines with him far away, always with great pleasure: "This is an extraordinarily smart guy, fun, fascinating, but a dinner with friends is not a priority response to Amazon, his friends do not weigh much.. . " Silence. "As with Steve Jobs."

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You like Steve? You'll love Jeff. Slightly less sexy, certainly, and more manic nickel service of the perfect design. But the result is: seventeen years after launching an obscure website selling books, Jeff Bezos is the new hero of the technological world. Amazon, the creature already present in nine countries, like a needle in a haystack: millions of books, CDs, DVDs, goods of all kinds, music and movie downloads, overpowered to host terabytes business servers, services Web ... And, of course, the Kindle, which says the rumor, occupies 80-90% of the time the CEO. It did not take more for techies indulge in the game of comparisons: as Steve, Jeff is a control freak (control freak), a gifted, a revolutionary, a morbidly secret adoptive son ... At this stage of the enumeration, it sounds like the famous laugh-snorting Jeff Bezos: What nonsense!

Each course is different, every story is unique. Jeff Bezos had a happy childhood, he grew up in a wealthy family and has taught at the age of 10, his stepfather, an engineer at Exxon, was not his natural father. Unlike Jobs, Bezos is a model student, the kind of high school to participate in a contest with a NASA study entitled "Effect of zero gravity on the rate of aging of the housefly." His grandfather Pops, a brilliant scientist, he inherited a passion for space adventure that will take him many years later to found a start-up specializing in space tourism. Student, he does not abandon the college, as Jobs, but, on the contrary, follows a brilliant student of computer science at Princeton.

This is what perfect course that will be the basis of the success story of Amazon: on leaving university, Bezos joined a Wall Street frme he quickly became senior vice president. In spring 1994, David Shaw, CEO, asked to explore investment opportunities in the Internet. "Bezos was doubly well equipped: training in computer science has enabled him to see what was technologically feasible at the time the Web, and through his job as a banker, he has mastered the financial side and never had fear of large sums, "said Robert Spector, author of a monograph Amazon

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