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Storm forces extended family to huddle under 1 Toledo roof

The Breeders is a rock band led by twin sisters Kim (Pixies component) and Kelley Deal.
Active since 1988, their second album, Last Splash, reached number 33 on the Billboard charts in 1993. Between 1994-1999, The Breeders was inactive. Originally, The Breeders was the name that Kim and Kelley Deal occasionally played in Dayton, Ohio in the early 80s. In 1989, despite being a member of the Pixies, Kim rescued the name for a side project planned next to Tanya Donnelly (then of Throwing Muses, Belly and later), Josephine Wiggs and violinist Carrie Bradley. While recording a song with the Pixies in Chicago, Kim met drummer Britt Walford, that after would form part of the legendary Slint, and agreed to play in the project.

The band met in Edinburgh and recorded the album "Pod" with producer Steve Albini, whom Kim had worked at the legendary album from the Pixies 'Surfer Rosa'. 'Pod' was recorded so quickly that the group had too much time in the studio to record a peel sessions.

After a while, after the release of "Pod", the Pixies split temporarily. Deal Kelly joined the group to record the EP "Safari" (published in April 1992), which also marked the last collaboration in the group of Tanya Donnelly and Brit Walford. Britt was replaced by Jim MacPherson, who knew Kim Dayton group Raging Mantras. The Breeders recorded "Last Splash" in San Francisco while living on houseboats.

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