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Harborne Parish Lands Charity is an organization with over 400 years of history helping people in need in England and providing a home for these. They also have 97 properties offered for use for seniors and people with disabilities. At this time seeking a person to help with administrative tasks to the team that runs a small residence in Harbone.

The ideal candidate for this position must have good grades in the race. Great communication skills and empathy with colleagues and needy / disabled. Experience in Outlook, Word and Excel. Having the ability to plan and organize tasks to be performed according to the priorities of the moment.

Experience and expertise in property management and experience in helping seniors. technology and the construction and right will be assessed, although not a requirement.

The company offers a salary of 12, 600 pounds a year with a day of 21 hours a week to 15 days of paid vacation.

For more information about the position, you can contact the person responsible for this recruitment writing to his email: Denise.Maguire @ hplc.org.uk until 12:00 on Monday September 16, 2013 without attaching your resume or any other document.

Wanted a person to work as a nurse in a nursing home social and education in the city of Birmingham.

The nurse or nurse will work at a unit that stands for continuous movement and great activity, therefore, must have previous experience and proven in the post. Similarly, a person must be flexible and be comfortable working in different fields and performing different tasks depending on the needs of the moment.

The work of nurses, in this case, will not only cater to sick or injured patients, but provide moral and psychological support given them and their family and friends.

It offers a very competitive salary will be negotiated commensurate with experience and expectations of each of the candidates.

You can read in more depth or submit your application for the post for an interview by calling +44 7734879198 asking for Lacey.

Staff Wanted for cleaning in Liverpool. The work will be carried out in different locations such as private homes, corporate offices or any other place where cleaning is required.

Common tasks are sweeping and vacuuming for that where the floor has carpet, mopping and mop, polish the floor, empty the bins and take out the trash, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens given that in Sometimes it will be necessary to clean less accessible areas and interiors of cabinets or refrigerators.

A significant proportion of customers are clothing stores, for which the image of your store is one of the main centers of attraction and sale, so cleaning should be taken into account and must be serious work.

It will pay a minimum of 6.21 pounds per hour of work and time depend on the needs of the moment, though, generally, will work in the morning before the shops or offices open to the public.

If you get the job you can call to get more information on the following number: +44 01942 245326.

We are looking for people to work in the exciting world of merchandising and clothing. People who claim to be happy people with a positive attitude in life that they are willing to make any kind of activity.

The basic daily tasks will provide a replacement of the items that were sold to long, get all the information on sales made to work on it and to inform other departments and peers on best sellers and what to do to maximize sales. Obviously, merchandising also assist customers in their purchases advising them conjoined products to buy to go or what are the best deals of the moment. It will also help keep the store clean and in good condition. Finally, its primary mission will be to increase sales of the garments most interest to increase turnover and profits of the store.

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