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Working in London: Tips for Job Search in London for German

From a life in London, many people dream of. The English capital is one of the most popular emigration destinations of the Germans. It is not very difficult to find a job in London. However, it is better to go directly to the island, because a job search from Germany can be very annoying and zeitaufreibend. There is hardly any bureaucratic obstacles, but you have to consider a lot of things.


Although the UK has not adopted the euro, but is still a member of the European Union. Due to the movement of persons within the EU, there is no problem for German, to draw and to work there to London. A residence and work permit is not required to, you only need to enter the passport.

Job search best directly in London

British employers are known for their skepticism. Very few hiring managers are interested in applicants from abroad. Mostly they doubt the intentions and do not believe that candidates are also really ready to move to England. Even if the profile fits one hundred percent of the advertised position, the foreign application is moved to the trash. Therefore, it is important to have an address in or around London. This makes the job search much easier. In this case, it may even happen that you face domestic applicants have better cards.

You will find open jobs

Most vacancies are reported in the English labor administration. On the website there is also an online job board . Here you can find also also training and internships. Other sources of jobs are:

The Classifieds section of numerous newspapers also find job opportunities. The best known are:

Online job boards
Even in England there are numerous online job boards. The job sites listed here offer job opportunities throughout the UK. On all sides but can be specifically sought to do in and around London. Some online job boards also provide jobs exclusively in the British capital to:

Social Networks
Also of interest for job search and exchange with other emigrants are local business networks like XING or LinkedIn. So you can find in the official regional group XING London many jobs, especially from German employers / companies in London and jobs, which is explicitly searched for German employees. Also of interest founded by German InterNations expat community . This is where people can network, going for a long time professionally abroad. The registration is free.

Employment agencies and temporary employment agencies
In London there are a number of private employment agencies (Recruitment Agencies). In you can search for specific agents in London. Whether and what charges are payable for the placement depends on the broker. As a rule, only the later employer pays a fee. Sometimes a processing or registration fee will be charged.

Important things for the Job Search

The most important document for the job search is the resume CV (Curriculum Vitae). However, the English resume does not have the same structure as in Germany and therefore can not be easily translated. How to write a CV in English, the article explains, " CV in English . "

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