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Climate and weather in the United States

Click for Atlanta, Georgia Forecast The climate in the United States is very different, depending on the area where you are located.
On the east coast (one in New York for instance) is the typical continental climate with very hot summers and cold, damp winters.Click for Boston, Massachusetts Forecast

In the north-west coast (Seattle area) temperatures tend to be low and very short seasons, while in the south as California, New Mexico and Arizona, the summers are hot and winters are cold.

In the center of the country, temperatures vary from one area to another depending on the altitude. Temperatures are moderate with very cold winters.Click for Dallas, Texas Forecast

New York has a very unstable climate, the climate is hot and very humid in the summer.Click for Denver, Colorado Forecast The winters are very cold, wet and snowy. In spring and autumn you have the best climate with mild temperatures.

In northern Florida, the climate is quite mild; traveling south you will notice the difference because of the subtropical climate with high humidity and the heat increases. The temperature difference between the coast and the interior will vary because of the sea breezes that lower temperatures.

In New Orleans, the climate is humid and subtropical. During the summer temperatures are around 28 degrees, in the spring, the average is 19 ° C, while in winter it never falls below 9 degrees. The rains are frequent.


You are about to make a trip to the United States but do not know what the weather there? Do not worry, check here the weather with all major American cities. Also at the bottom of the page you will find a convenient converter to know immediately the consideration of degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.

Angeles - Las Vegas - Miami - Minneapolis - New Orleans - New York - Orlando - Philadelphia - Phoenix - Pittsburgh - Providence - San Diego - San Francisco - Seattle - Washington DC

The city you are looking for is not among those listed here above? Do not worry you will definitely find by searching from the search engine:

Click for Chicago, Illinois Forecast Click for Cleveland, Ohio Forecast Click for Detroit, Michigan Forecast Click for Hartford, Connecticut Forecast

Source: www.tuttoamerica.it

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